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QGate intelli-CTi v2.5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 supported?
A. YES. Please see the page at this link for details on the latest versions and client platforms
Q. Is hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM supported?
A. Currently, intelli-CTi v2.5 will not function within a Microsoft v4 CRM Online implementation shared hosted environment, due to the additional plug-in required for phone number management. In a partner non-shared environment it should be fine, or in any CRM 2011 on premise OR hosted environment.
Q. Will an existing customer have to implement the new server component with this release?

If the customer is running intelli-CTi Version 2.1 or above and has no issues with switch connectivity then they do not need to install the new intelli-CTi Server.

If there are any issues around switch connectivity or support with Terminal Service/Citrix then yes, they should implement the new intelli-CTi Server. Because of the improvements built into the server component around logging and error management, we have found problem resolution to be far easier if the server is installed.

Should the customer change their switch, then we would recommend implementing the intelli-CTi Server.

Q. What versions of Saleslogix are supported?
A. Please review the release notes/technical pre-req documents for exact and most current requirements. Saleslogix Web Client v7.5.2, and Saleslogix LAN Client v7.0 are the minimum level SalesLogix releases for intelli-CTi v2.5. Additional service packs and hot fixes will likely be required.
Q. Will the server component be an additional cost?
A. Yes, the cost for the server is $ 2,400 plus 20% Maintenance & Support. However for those customers who are current with QGate Maintenance & Support will be provided the server at $ 1,100 plus Maintenance & Support.
Q. Is the server component required for new customers?
A. Yes, ALL new installs will require the server component. Please ensure this is included in ALL new quotes beginning December 1, 2010.
Q. Can I get a trial/demo version?
A. Yes, by downloading the product from the QGate Web site, this provides a fully working demo version without the need to connect to a phone system. The Virtual Telephony Switch feature enables the demonstration of the product in isolation - without the need to connect to a phone system.
Q. What if I want to see it in action and test with a live phone system?
A. The email which is sent in response to a download request includes a time limited licence that allows for connection to a phone system. It is part of our standard pre-order process to have a successful test BEFORE accepting an order.